Aug 28, 2011

weekends !!

hello bloggers ! how's ur weekend? fun? boring? alone? well, you name it ^^ so ... i have been spending my weekends with these people (pictures above)
- spent my late afternoon at Luna Negra (next review will be about it) with the ladies
- continued my evenings with the Binusians at Zenbu Muara Karang.

currently, getting bored outta my mind of hanging out at the malls. -_-"
then i realized it is more fun to spend your days chit-chatting with your friends and talk about your new surroundings, problems, and just share it out to them, and find a quiet place such as restaurant, cafe, or maybe your respective houses.

as i am getting bored with malls, this is how i spent my last weekends, so.. how do you guys spend your weekends then? =) share it with us !

check out my food blog here -> FOOD.COUTURE

Aug 24, 2011

here are some pics after ecom! enjoy ....

with duo Susanto: Michael Susanto and Kevin Susanto. the event division
gonna miss the fun time at the event room 212! uno stacko yay !!
galau mode on ;)

with ivana and vinita, 3 of us are the floor managers by the way ;)

the sponsor team with Daniel, our Head of Sponsor :D

best friend also our photographer: Bryan Andrean Putra.

my partner-in-crime, heidi lim ! shopping and gossiping all day long ^^

our beloved "mommy" and our Chief of LOs. Caroline Herlina, love you ;)

after the closing ceremony...

with all the committeesss !!! thank you for the great event !!

sooo. that's all with the pictures ;)
i really enjoyed the event, esp on the last day ;)
see you guys at ECOM 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 20, 2011 2011 SPEAK YOUR PASSION :D

with KevSus aka Kevin Susanto, an artis-cilik used to be. peace "Koko" Kevin xixixix.
he is the Head of Events, singer, and also our MC yay ~ !!

haaayy. ^^ it's been sooooooooooo many decades that i haven't updated any new posts
yaaah, now i am busy participating in many binus evens, from english competitions, welcoming the freshmen, and also the debating competition...

been hectic, fatique, tired, exhausteeeeedddd :( but i have so mu
ch funnn !

soo this post is about ( English competition)
my job in this event is SPONSOR, but eventually i turn out to help to be the FLOOR MANAGER, and also the PubDoc (Nadya Putri's assistant in photo
graphy =p ) and also a semi-photographer, substituted for Marcella for a while hahahahaha.. yeah, the best thing of becoming on the sponsor team, on the real day, we can help others ;)

here are some photos that i have taken wif my friends, binusianss 2014 and 2015 :D

wif my lovely marketing frends of 2014 ! love you all

with Karyn Susanto (Kevsus' sister), yeah, she is the new freshmen ;) of 2015

This event is eventually tiring but also fun at the same time. I made new friends with the freshmen and also on the same batch as well..,

Well, my journey hasnt stopped here yet ;) gonna uploads more pics later :D hahaha ciaaaoo

w,day's and bind are coming, wish me luck guys !

Aug 3, 2011

Kebodohan Titoi and Ebom (S'pore Trip) PART 1

This is a story about 3 young girls wandering around Singapore, as they are having their own trips without any parental guidances.

Where should I begin this story of my S'pore Trip from ?
Let's read it like any fairytale books but full of many fancy things and clumsy stories :D
So, here their story goes on ....

This is Kristin (titoi), put a lot of attention on this character (as you REALLY have to remember her), cause she is kinda important here.

The woman in white is Kathleen (ebom), titoi's partner in crime.

And.. This is me, Elvira-slash-Vivi, a narrator, as well as their partners in crime too!

On 22nd July 2011, I went to Singapore with titoi, to visit ebom who is currently studying there. our intentions are to go shopping, watching harry potter and transformers, culinary as well as destroying ebom's apartments. hahahah...

oke let's jump to the point. actually i wanna write down the whole journey, guess it takes too long ! go the mission of the title KEBODOHAN TITOI AND EBOM ( TITOI and EBOM clumsiness )

- Kebodohan Titoi: ( I told, she is kinda important )
1. We ate a resto at the downtown, and ordered respective menus. While eating peacefully, suddenly titoi kept on sneezing unstoppably. Ebom and i was curious with her (thought that she's allergic or smth). Then.... with her signature laughs and smiles, she innocently said " When I am full, I sneeze. hahahahahahah " well, isn't it strange. let's go to number 2 ;)

2. Hired a taxi from a place (forgot where was that) and went straight to orchard. in the taxi, the taxi driver asked us where were we heading to, and we said orchard takashimaya. Along the trip, the uncle (taxi driver) kept on babbling with his singlish (frigging annoying!) and as usual very kaypoh or busybody. then he said: " so where are you guys shopping aaa?(usual Singlish). if want shop cheap cheap one leh, go to Bugis junction, very cheap."
TITOI innocently replied his statement: " No, we are going to Paragon, Takashimaya very expensive one, paragon's items are cheaper " ( sotoy / sok tau mode on =D )
UNCLE: " no laaaah. Paragon is the most expensive one in Singapore. All the items aa, very high-cost, branded items one lohh. " (Kathleen and i were laughing madly at the uncle's comments) hahahhahahaha .. Titoi is soooooo. errrr funny ! u should see her expressions and laughs as well after the replies

3. Random chat - i was talking to ebom about food called lasagna. then titoi was very confused and asked me is there any food named LASONA? ( she heard wrongly, supposed to be lasagna, but she heard LASONA, swimming suit wear brand ). I looked at her and laughed like there's no tomorrow. this girl is damn funny man !!!

well, there are many things to be written, but let's stop here.. gonna have the second part for this story :D

Jul 31, 2011

hay bloggers ;) ... enjoying your holidays much?
I did enjoy my weekends these two days, hang out with friends and have a birthday party hehe

anyway, fasting month is coming, please show some respects for not eating and drinking in front of your Muslim friends who are having their fasting. Excuse yourself if you wanna have smth to eat and drink or bear with your hunger till 6pm

how did you spend your weekends? well, besides hanging out with my fellows, I did some social activities for the church :) .. I made a "majalah dinding" for a competition, and helping my sister and other church friends. hopefully we can win.. we have started the plan on Tuesday, but did the process by today. I was on a 12-hour working process, and even my mother and other mom-societies were helping and supporting.

We are half-way through, and another half to go ! yay ~ gonna be busy for these few days. heeehhehe. gonna upload the pict when it is done ;)

isn't it good when you do a social activity that will benefit both yourself and others? Do help others whenever they need you and enjoy the atmosphere of being helpful with one another

Trust me, it's fun !

Jul 21, 2011

greeting from SINGAPORE.

hello... grretings from SINGAPORE. yay ~ finally arrived at kathleen's apartment.
it is small and cozy and cute and mini anddddd sempiiiiittt. hahahha tp overall enak kok
so here are some narcisstic pictures of moii. check it out !

just bought the new necklace from FOREVER21. isnt it cute?
and this flower ring as well .. teeeheee ^^
ok. now i am intensively waiting for kathleen's to come home.
errr. please dont ask how can we get into her room.
there is always be many ways for me and kristin to sneak in
hehehehehehhe... So wait for another post of mine about S'pore Trips with trio toruble-makersss

Jul 19, 2011

the art of SLR

bonjour, everyone, summer is HALFWAY through ;)
are u enjoying every bits of it ? good then if you are.

spent my summer vacation with my friends, having photoshoot, shopping, and having fun :D
here are some sneak peeks of the following photo sessions

Photographed: Julian Tanoto
Theme: a random theme, let's considered it as Summer Drummer

beauty of natural scenery of ilalang